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Spin Screed is to concrete work what the nail gun is to roofing. Complete 22 foot Rugged Screed. Produce higher quality, flatter concrete surfaces with less work. Ideal for driveways, patios, sidewalks, precast panels, steep slopes, basement floors, parking lots, RV pads, pervious concrete, grain bin floors, cattle feed lots, dairies. Lightwieght and quiet, easy and fast to clean, easy to store and load.

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The new screed bar support system reduces concrete fill volume by 85%. The plastic charis also feature a bar bypass option to stack two sheets of steel in one chair.

Build Big Valleys like this with the Spin Screed. 6 feet wide, 6 inch center drop

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Spin Screed builds 8000+ square foot manufacturing plant and office facility

Spin Screed has just moved to their new facility pictured here. The new facility will streamline our operation and permit us to serve our customers even better. It is only because of our valued customers and the success of Spin Screed products that we were able to build this new facility. We look forward to serving even more customers from this facility. The fact that the Spin Screed is simple, light weight, inexpensive and does a great job has been responsible for its success along with our office and production staff. Spin Screed products are working every day to improve the bottom line of thousands of our customers. If you are not currently a customer, you would be well advised to consider Spin Screed products for your operation. Joe always answers the phone so you can call him directly to get the latest scoop on Spin Screed products and find out how Spin Screed products can help improve your bottom line.

New Spin Screed Facility

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of the Spin Screed in action