Spin Screed Developer of the World's Lightest Weight Power Roller Screed. Joe Churchill, Spin Screed Inventor will personally answer your call. Buy Factory Direct call 888-329-6039 for same day shipping.
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For a complete listing of all our products, inlcuding photos and pricing click here to visit our online quote form. Plastic Chair Float Fill Support System

NEW Screed Support System
reduces fill volume by 85%

Click here for video of the Screed Support System in action

Spin Screed is to concrete work what the nail gun is to roofing. Complete 22 foot Rugged Screed. Produce higher quality, flatter concrete surfaces with less work. Ideal for driveways, patios, sidewalks, precast panels, steep slopes, basement floors, parking lots, RV pads, pervious concrete, grain bin floors, cattle feed lots, dairies. Lightwieght and quiet, easy and fast to clean, easy to store and load.

The new screed bar support system reduces concrete fill volume by 85%. The plastic charis also feature a bar bypass option to stack two sheets of steel in one chair.

Build Big Valleys like this with the Spin Screed. 6 feet wide, 6 inch center drop

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Spin Screed
In the year 2000, the first light weight power roller screed, named the Spin Screed was developed by Joe Churchill, a contractor with over 30 years of experience in the concrete business. It worked so well that he perfected the components and began distribution in the Unites States and Canada. To learn more about Joe Churchill go to www.jchurchillconstruction.com

The Spin Screed consists of an aluminum pipe, up to 22 feet in length that is caused to spin by an electric power head opposite to the direction it is being advanced so that concrete rolls up in front of the screed cutting off high spots and filling in low spots. The aluminum pipe screed can be purchased or cut into any length up to 22 feet making screeds tailor made for various jobs. Contractors can switch from one length of pipe to another in just a matter of seconds by means of quick disconnects.

Annual sales continue to increase at a record level indicating the effectiveness, dependability and contractor acceptance of the Spin Screed.

See our Photo Gallery for pictures showing the Spin Screed working all over the U.S. and Canada on multi-million dollar jobs as well as for the small contractor and the pre-cast industry.


Spin Screed was chosen to screed the top surface of the pre cast bridge segments for the new 10 lane Port Mann Bridge. Projects, big or small, Spin Screed does them all.

Spin Screed Gutter Builder
fast, perfect gutters

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