Ready to save time, effort, and money while producing flatter, more durable concrete? To get started, all you need is one “Power Head Assembly” – this includes the drill, both the live and dead end handles as well as a set of pipe ends – and your desired length of pipe. That’s it!

Tired of reworking the concrete when you pull your screed support? Throw in some chairs and bar! I promise, you won’t find a better screed support solution.

Ordering a second length of pipe? Don’t forget a second set of ends! Ends and other Misc. Parts can be found in the STORE tab drop down or by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

Power Head

Includes drill, handles, impact socket adapter, and ends.



4″ schedule 40 seamless aluminum alloy pipe.

Spin Screed Pipe



Yellow chairs feature a by-pass. Green chairs do not.

Chairs & Bars



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