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Tunnel pour using Spin Screed

The Spin Screed was the world’s first light weight power roller screed. Our rugged design consists of an aluminum pipe, available in lengths from 4’ to 22’, that is caused to spin by a right angle drill. The pipe spins opposite the direction you are screeding so that concrete rolls up in front of the pipe, thus cutting off high spots and filling low spots.


Unlike vibrating screeds, the Spin Screed brings concrete paste to the surface, not water. As a result, the water/cement ratio near the surface of the concrete is much lower creating a higher quality, more durable slab.

Pour using the Spin Screed

For concrete slabs wider than 22’, utilization of Spin Screed’s “screed-support system” reduces fill volume by 85% (when compared to screed pipe systems) and eliminates the need to pitch concrete back into the void.

Ours vs Theirs

The Spin Screed is ideal for all screeding applications. Whether you’ve got wet or low slump concrete, flat work or a steep slope pour, the Spin Screed produces flatter, more durable concrete with less effort, time, and labor.

Hill Pour

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Ready to save time, effort, and money while producing flatter, more durable concrete? It’s easy! Simply click the STORE tab at the top of the page to be redirected to our shop. To get started, all you need is one “Power Head Assembly” – this includes the drill, both the live and dead end handles as well as a set of pipe ends – and your desired length of pipe. That’s it! If ordering more than one length of pipe, we recommend a set of pipe ends for each one. This eliminates time wasted swapping ends and, given the fact the motor and T-handle disconnect in seconds, allows you to seamlessly switch between pipes.

That's it

Pour wider than 22’? Don’t forget to add chair’s and flat bar to your order!

Spin Screed Bar System