Spin Screed, the world’s first lightweight power roller screed, produces flatter, more durable concrete surfaces with less effort, time, and labor

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Still Not Sold? See what our growing customer base is saying about their Spin Screeds in the Testimonials section. I’ve include a few below to give you an idea.


I can truly say that the Spin Screed has been one of the best investments I’ve made in 18 years of business.

Lester Gingerich – Gingerich Concrete Construction – Kentucky

As I’m writing this testimonial, we just finished a 105 yard pour this morning. We had the SPIN SCREED w/ 22′ tube up against our cumbersome gas powered roller screed w/ 22′ tube. After we poured out several trucks the guy’s tossed the gas powered screed to the side and we used the SPIN SCREED to finish the job. The SPIN SCREED is far more versatile, lighter, less cumbersome than our old gas powered screed. And it actually screeds our concrete flatter. What we like so much about the SPIN SCREED compared to the gas powered screed is the SPIN SCREED is multi directional. We can put the live end on any side of the pour we like. Our gas powered screed is only one direction which is very limiting to our pouring options. We will be purchasing another SPIN SCREED in the near future.

Troy Scott, Cimmeron Construction

We just finished the easiest 10,000 sq ft parking lot we have ever done using the Spin Screed. Spin Screed worked better than my laser screed on this lot because of all of the grade changes. We love it.

Darrell Sahlstrom of North Island Concrete, Ltd

We have used the Spin Screed for the past four years on interstate highway patching projects in Illinois. The Spin Screed is hands down the very best screed on the market today. We are keeping the inspectors happy by producing durable and flat patches, we are keeping our boss happy with outstanding productivity and we are keeping our help happy by providing them with a dependable, light weight and easy to use screed.

Mike Anderson, Sipes Construction

Just want to tell you we have been using the Spin Screed the last week for the first time. One of the best investments I have ever made! The help love it and so do I. We are amazed on how flat the pours are. We are more amazed how the edges are perfect on a six inch slope in twenty feet. Especially with fairly wet concrete. If I tried that with my Morrison screed it would be a half inch above the form.

The city of Holdrege Nebraska found out that I had purchased one and wanted to know if they could come watch us pour so they could decide if they wanted one. I invited them out for a 200×20 pour the next morning. They were there for the first ten feet, got in their trucks and will be contacting you. They were as amazed as we are.

Clean up is an absolute blessing! Thirty seconds and you’re done. I can’t believe how much time it saves. Thank you for one of the finest pieces of equipment I have purchased in years.

Brian Popple – Popple Const. Funk – Nebraska